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Fill in the blanks!
by claud
I'm on a current Tangled soundtrack binge...

Fill in the blanks! You can choose to give a reason if you want to, and not if you don't.

Consider the country where you're staying right now, especially if you're not in your home country. This is something for the chronic, perennial, addicted traveler. Make one for every country or province you've visited. And addicted fliers / drivers / walkers know that this can be one tricky exercise. Keeping this in mind: 

If I could marry a ___________, it would be _________ because ____________ .

Now, if you're thinking of a person, that's great. But if you say I'd be crazy if I mentioned places and things, think again; don't you have this one favorite place, thing or animal that (figuratively) you could probably live in/with forever? It can be hard enough to choose for one locale. More so just one in your entire life history. Here's a list to start with, and you can choose which ones you want to answer, and if I can get photos of the ones I might consider listing down mine. ^_^
1. store
2. clothing 
3. restaurant / food recipe
4. pen 
5. accessory
6. work of art
7. book
8. website
9. habit
10. road
11. bus/train station
12. coffee / tea / chocolate
13. alcoholic drink (let's say liver effects wasn't an issue)
14. airline
15. (choose your own)
now, you don't need to be super smart, super conscious, or super promotive (if there's such a word - as in, promotional of a particular brand / model). just choose something as if you would really be with that (blank) forever. ^_^ like, flavor, material, make, process, etc.
here's the hitch:

1) cheating is allowed. not that i tolerate it in the normal human circumstances (and you wouldn't want to know what will happen if somebody did cheat on me), but if there's an instance that you just couldn't choose one because there's a lot (and being a woman you will understand what i mean) that just might share a tie.
2) not that i know anything about marriages but i do know how to read, marriages can be dreamy for the most part (or at least the first six months to one year, so i'm told by "realists"/"pessimists"). and then there are the real clinks to that person that make living just a bit more... nightmarish / not so dreamy. so does this.
like, for #4, i use Pilot pens everyday for school which is great, ceteris paribus. i use about one in a month (yes, i write a lot). and i have them in a whole rainbow spectrum of colors. except when you drop it. and it makes all the difference in the writing world. useless. literally and figuratively. so among my pens, I have Parker pens that i love. it's monogrammed with my name, when you buy one of these pens personalized monogramming is provided for free, the writing flow of ink and comfort is awesome. but 1) it's pricier than the usual, 2) it's not something you lose easily. but when you do (especially when there are people who borrow pens from you even before you actually respond to letting them do so and un/consciously not return it), you just might feel like ripping someone out once in awhile...
so be as real / not real as you can! ^_^

Cherry Blossoms
by claud

It's beautifully tragic
Simple reason's its basic nature
It's never meant to last long
But it serves to give you a quiet lecture
Of how everything we see is temporary
But everything we feel, we experience
Leaves a mark that may take eternity
To forget, to dwell on, to make into something right
But it also has its subtlety
That as it falls, so does reality remind us
That we live to move on

There's a festival coming right along
I hope on spending it with you
People might call it beautiful
I call it beautifully tragic
It comes when the world starts to warm up
It marks the end of the cold
When we get there to witness them
Whether on its way to bloom or fall
In the quiet moments that you see them
I hope to be there as well
So that as fleeting as our being together is
I hope it marks a start of something long.


If I have a friend out there and I mention that I want to do this again, give me a good whack on the head (once would be enough, thanks)

Cherry Blossoms
by claud
- been reading on poems; the classics, the beautiful, the freestyle, the unpublished, the worship-worthy. let me try my hand at this freestyling thing. don't hate me! i admit to having no to awful experiences writing poetry!

Cherry Blossoms

Now there's a festival coming right along
It happens to fall on a birthday week
People all over call it beautiful
I call it beautifully tragic
See, it comes when the world starts to warm up
It marks the end of clouds and cold
It blooms and smells quiet fragrance
And looking at it never gets old

It 's something i feel like wanting to become
The longer looked at, the more you're with
Feels refreshing and never old
But then i'm also not so sure
Because there's always something around the corner
Wind, rain, an envious pluck
That makes everything about it temporary

But looking at it on a brighter side
It might live short but to its full
It makes people happy just by being with it, by looking
It makes couples dream of a future, and cherish their nows
It makes children see something as innocent as them
It makes those without hope find it again
It makes those who want to escape find refuge
It might be a moment fleeting
But it's a moment fulfilled


The Whole Idea
by claud

so that even if time passes between those meetings
the nexts are assured
a small message would make us giddy
a call might make us five again
a meal together makes for our week's laugh
a day spent takes us through storms and back

and innocent remarks
of "i missed you", maybe a hug
makes us forget that there's the rest of the world
that everyone else is crazy, and in one second
we get to be ourselves and know
that even if we separate today, it's just an instance
in every breath you know for sure
we both have something, someone
and it's not just a clue; it's the whole idea.

you don't usually do these
cause they almost never come out right
you're here, i'm listening; maybe you can write
but when you say something
you might never get the right word out
with me, you don't have to say so many
just to drive one point out of clout.


The Whole Idea
by claud

i never hoped to get you
if that happens, well, that's good luck
i hope the rumors are true
you see, that makes you the man
the typical geek who feels invisible
who'd rather bury himself with books
but i see where you look
and i remember how you smile
i keep in mind with what you pay attention
you track what i like, what i say
you smile when it's your name i mention

you would never initiate a conversation
just because you might be mistaken
everyone already has their suspicion
and waiting for the actions to be taken

i know it's not true
that i have no choice til you notice
when we don't get to meet
i dream you'd keep hoping you'd see me
times when i do get to see you
i want to do something disarmingly nice
so that no longer are we led on a roller coaster
and it ends the cycle, melts the ice


The Whole Idea
by claud

she just waits til you notice
but that mostly means you do when you need her
when you dont get to meet
she just keeps hoping you'd see her
times when you do get to see her
you do something disarmingly nice
and then it leads her to a rollercoaster
a cycle of hope that amounts to ice

mostly time passes between those meetings
and the nexts are never assured
a small message would get her giddy
a call might make her five again
a meal together makes for a week's laugh
a day spent takes her through a storm and back

but an innocent remark
of "i missed you", maybe a hug
makes her wish she would do,
say something more than the usual
one crazy moment, even one second
an out-of-character instance
to get one breath out, hopefully
to give him a clue


The Whole Idea
by claud
- by someone. it's sweet, but i won't be posting the whole of it for one time. i do think people's attention spans are getting ever shorter, unless something's moving in the screen, so something a little more than four stanzas are what people consider long.

with no offense meant to the author, i don't think she (you'll see in the poem... although there are guys who... er... never mind. let's just say the author's a she) is someone who has pursued a poetry career. but i did like it for the sheer candy-coated sweetness of it. ^_^

The Whole Idea

i don't usually do these
cause they never come out right
i hear, i listen, sometimes i write
but when i say something
i can never get the right word out
i have to say so many
just to drive one point out of clout

you see, that makes me the woman
your typical geek who's invisible
she'd rather bury herself with books
than let you see where she looks
for she remembers how you smile
she keeps in mind with what you pay attention
she tracks what you like, what you say
she smiles when it's her name you mention

she would never initiate a conversation
just because she might be mistaken
or everyone would turn their suspicion
when all she would like is taken
she never hopes to get you
if that happens, well that's good luck
being nearby is enough
but that, too, is difficult

Planning a trip to Seoul?
by claud
I sound promotional, I know...

I've been digging up my Seoul tour books, my bookmarked Seoul-related websites and blogging sites; my biggest contingency visit of friends from home is yet to come this month. dun-dun-dun-duuuunnn...

it's not really supposed to be that of a big deal. one of my friends, Abby, is a self-proclaimed Korea-addict, and she's been here a gazillion times. i guess what makes this different is 1) the season, because she usually comes here during the summer (i mean, nobody really goes anywhere in almost-winter's-end season, what with the luggage you have to carry, unless you're here on official business); 2) she's bringing friends with her to bring around; and 3) I realized that on towards my last semester in Korea as a student (hey, you never know if i can get a job here, right?), there are still A LOT of places in my immediate vicinity of Seoul that I haven't visited!

plus, i noticed that a lot of people i know from home have been coming into Korea for a visit for a reason or another... hmmm... must be something in the air... ^_^

anyway, so I've been browsing around, and I stumbled on this!


and no, i'm not posting this because of the "you might win an i-touch!" promo in one of the websites.

you can watch the other videos promoting the website and the city, but this one holds something special for me. there's something in his disarmingly quiet charm, or concentration, or whatever mojo he works while he... works. *cue snapping fingers* 

and a vespa!?!? what's not to love in trying to balance a classic!?!?!? (yes, if you can't tell i'm a sucker for vespas)

anyway, if you're planning to visit the country, visit these websites:

i-Tour Seoul 


KTO's VisitKorea  

Adventure Korea (for those looking for a bit more than the usual touristy-relaxing-cultural trips)

Seoul City Blog (by the Seoul Global Center)

Seoul Global Center (if you're looking into staying in Korea for more than the usual touristy periodical stay, and you're a foreigner, and you have no idea of your left and right in Korean. it's kind of like, your one-stop-help center)

i've missed blogging, i think... ^_^

A 2010 Look-Back, excited-much!
by claud
My bodyclock is currently screwed... and I haven't even traveled anywhere yet...

Quickly browsing through the news of the day (which includes the photos of the royal engagement - yes, i have an awful crush on royalty, so shoot me), one article from CNN made me screech to a halt (while listening to the video streaming of local news and BBC - obviously not simultaneously, dummy. but i can read and pay attention to the news at the same time! ^^).

iReport asks 10 questions, and wants you to make a video response to it:

1. 2010: How do you pronounce it? -> (clue for those who haven't gotten wind of what the big deal is: compare how you read 1990 to how you read 2000)
2. Make a facial expression that shows how you feel about the year. ->  *________*

3. The best thing I bought was _________ .
4. For me, 2010 was ______ ______ ______ . [Answer with three words]
5. I totally cringed this year when _______ .
6. The best thing on the Internet by far was ________.
7. I'm pretty sure I overshared on Facebook this year when I ________ .
8. The best day of the year was ________.
9. The best place I visited was ________, which is ________ miles/kilometers from where I live.
10. Next year, I'm planning to _______.

You can post your video on your own blog or submit it to CNN.

AND! i'm in a current dilemma here...

See, David Choi's coming to Korea for a show.

And I really want to watch.

But I'm trying not to spend any money here at this time... ESPECIALLY at this time of the year...

But I'm hoping to see him at the airport cause we'll be there on the same day! ^______^

And I'm planning to go to Vietnam a little after the Lunar New Year... planning to, anyway. Let's see if i got the budget for it...

Social Media = Issue Campaigns = Massive Popularity (and because it's simply fun)
by claud

Facebook has recently been made much more kid-friendly with a lot of users suddenly changing their profile pictures with that of cartoon characters (and if you haven't noticed anyone at all doing it then I don't know which cave or paradise you have been for the past couple of days. In which case I can only give you a look of

     or       )
You might have to use a bit more brain power in deciphering what I'm feeling... (Courtesy of Javabeans and Google Images)

There has been this simple campaign, saying 'Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until monday there should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is in protest against the violence done to children.' 

It has been considerably fun for all those using Facebook and seeing these changes in profile pictures around (not to mention also age-revealing). But more importantly, no matter if the trend was seen to be local or not, it can be said that this notion changes the whole idea of using social media as a means and venue for raising issues and topics, may it be considerably important to society or not.

(What!? You don't know them!? I bet your childhood was either filled with Nintendos or with tutorial classes...
And they're not just in TVs. They're also on school merchandise!)
(Google Images)


Click on the link for a news coverage (some parts in English, some in Filipino): Facebook cartoon profile pics

Agreed, the thought that changing your profile picture in any social media may not improve the situation. Take celebrities' "virtual deaths" or personalities music videos. Doesn't mean the situation automatically becomes better. Sure, you can say you have more important things to attend to, like personal problems and obligations that make your world go round. But you're not the only person who's making this world go about its way. Making at least one person a bit more aware and reminded of this everyday horror put against the ironic background of everyday mundane complaints and issues is a bite to the conscience, isn't it? 


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